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Motion design: graphic design invites itself into your digital communication

Motion design was reserved for animation studios. But in recent years, advertising and marketing have taken it over to make it a powerful communication tool! Motion design allows you to bring your graphics to life and thus create impactful, innovative and fun videos. Thanks to motion design, many brands stand out and gain power. So why wait to call on our motion design agency?

Motion design at the service of your visual communication

Today democratized, motion design has become a real lever for marketing acquisition. Fully integrated into the new digital and visual communication strategies, it will consist of creating a graphic animation. This graphic animation will have an astonishing power over your audience and will in particular allow you to:

  • Easily capture attention, especially through social networks
  • Innovative and creative animation will help strengthen your brand identity and at the same time differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Like video, motion design makes it easy to convey a message, whether commercial, institutional or educational.

To reach your goals, you will also need...​

Quatre Deux Deux, a visual communication agency and a 3D animation studio at the service of your success

Our motion designers support you throughout the creative process. From the scripting of the project to the delivery of the video, we put all our expert know-how at your service. Whatever your context, your objectives or your audience, our team supports you at every stage, whether it’s writing the script, choosing the illustration and the graphic universe you want to create. We are by your side from start to finish in order to offer you a totally turnkey motion design video.

Thanks to a common reflection on what you want, our motion designers will offer you totally tailor-made support to help you create your identity! Whatever your project, we deploy the human and technical resources to support you in your growth!

Create impactful visual communication using motion design and 3D with Quatre Deux Deux!

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