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Picture marketing, a powerful acquisition lever

Picture marketing has become an essential part of digital communication. This technique makes it possible to showcase a product, a service, a company or even a brand by relying on the mastery of the image and its storytelling. Picture marketing also makes it possible to unify and create the external image that a company wishes to establish. So why wait to call on photography and image experts for your digital strategy?

Get Inspirational with Image Marketing

Did you know ? Today, it is estimated that at least 50% of the content shared on social networks is images. Why ? An image has the power to be more direct than long content. So much so that photographs and illustrative images have become a priority when a brand creates its social media strategy. It has been proven that textual contents accompanied by images are much more viral and are shared more than those which are not illustrated. Picture marketing also makes it easy to attract the eye of your audience to your content and therefore to increase its marketing power tenfold.

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Quatre Deux Deux, an agency of creative experts in photography

What are your goals? What support would best meet your expectations? What is your context?

Quatre Deux Deux is an agency composed of creative minds who bring their expertise and mastery of photography and imagery to your service. Whether your goals are institutional with a need for corporate photography or commercial with a need for product packshots, our photographers offer you fully customized support.

Our experience as advertising and corporate photographers allows us to provide you with 360 expertise on picture marketing.

Develop your image and online presence with Quatre Deux Deux!

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